Research Lines

The Nanostructured Functional Materials Group (Nanosfun) has focused on the development of new methodologies and processes to assemble (bio)molecules with specificity to generate nanomaterials with a designed property or function. Hierarchical nanomaterials, both bulk or nanostructured on a surface, are produced with controlled structures over different length scales and their properties investigated in terms of possible applications.

The nanostructuration is achieved by different means. Bulk materials in the form of nanoparticles or nanotubes are prepared by means of self-assembly, coordination chemistry and templating techniques. Nanostructuration on surfaces is directed by self-assembly processes assisted by different techniques such as Dip-Pen nanolithography or other soft lithographic techniques such as microcontact printing.

Due to their unique properties, these nanomaterials are expected to have a great impact on different fields such as energy and cost efficient technologies, sensors, memory devices, drug delivery and biomedical applications, among others.