Poster presentation at “Organic Semiconductors” – Tunnable MEH-PPV Nanoparticles

From 22nd to 25th of september 2016 one of our Ph.D students, Christian Bellacalzone, asisted to the congres “Organic Semiconductors”. This congress was organized by Zing Conferences and was placed at Cavtat, Croatia.

The main goal of this congress was to identify future opportunities, emerging challenges and a discussion of the intellectual frontiers and technological vision for this class of materials. Topics include structure/property guidelines for relevant applications, including organic photovoltaics, spintronics, biological interfaces, light-emitting diodes, field effect transistors and biosensors.

There, Christian Bellacalzone presented his poster entitled “Tunable optical properties of conjugated polymer nanoparticles”.

He presented a universal process to obtain poly(2-methoxy-5- (2-ethylhexyloxy)- 1,4-phenylenevinylene (MEH-PPV) nanoparticles (CNPs) that, when varying few paramaters during the fabrication, exhibit a wide hypsochromic shift (120 nm) in absorption and emission.

Christian Poster

The MEH-PPV nanoparticles (CNPs) prepared by Christian Bellacalzone exhibit a wide and tunable hypsochromic shift (120 nm) in absorption and emission.

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