NanosFun’s Textile Applications at the IX Jornada AIN (9th Industrial Aplications of Nanotechnology Conference)

The last September 25th, the 9th edition of Jornadas AIN (Industrial Applications of Nanotechnology Conferences) was celebrated at Casa Lotja de Mar, Barcelona. This conferences are organized by ICN2 and INA research centers and LEITAT technological center, with the aim to announce multiple applications of nanotechnology in different industrial sectors and to strengthen bonds between companies and research and technological centers. The Spanish newspaper El Mundo has publish this article with some of their impressions of the conferences.

One of the main topics of this conferences was the application of nanotechnology to develop new Smart Materials on the textile industry, such as cosmetic delivery system or water-proof fabrics. Daniel Ruiz-Molina (Nanosfun group leader) gave some words sharing his expertise in the field of or hydrophobic treatments: The sports section is more revolutionary, said Daniel Ruiz-Molina, the  use of nanoparticles that repeal water attracts people to practicing sports.


Produce water-proof materials for close and footwear that keeps its owner dry under wet conditions while protecting from dirt is just one of the many applications of nanotechnology on the textile industry.  Adding antibacterial properties or even enhancing the sport performance of the carrier are exciting objectives to be achieved with the collaboration between companies and researchers.

Novel Biomimetic Catechol-Based Coatings for Selected Technological Applications




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