42nd International Conference on Coordination Chemistry – 2016, Brest (France).

From July 3rd to 8th 2016, Dr. Adarsh Nayarassery assisted to the 42nd International Conference on Coordination Chemistry at Brest, France.

In this congress, hundreds of participants shared their research lines and results on many topics regarding coordination chemistry, such as functional materials, inorganic and bio-inorganic chemistry, catalysis, energy and sustainable materials, and computational theory.

Dr. Adarsh Nayarassery gave an oral presentation tyteled: Pt(IV) Prodrug Cocktailed Coordination Polymer Nanoparticles: Towards Anti-neuroblastoma Drug Delivery, where he presented novel platinum-based coordination polymer nanoparticles (CPPs)1,2 as promising nanoconstructs for neuroblastoma therapy. In this system, a Pt(IV) prodrug, with intriguing property towards anti-neuroblastoma, is used as buiding-block of the coordination polymer.

Schematic representation of the synthesis of PtIV -based CPPs using Zn as metal node and the Bix ligand as coligand. The resulting nanoparticles showed fluorescent properties afforded by the Zn-Bix polymer as observed by fluorescence microscopy.

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