Visiting Switchable Molecular Materials research group (LCC-CNRS), Toulouse (France)

From the past September 27th to the 8 of October 2016, one of our Nanosfun’s Ph.D students, Salvio Suárez, made a visit at the Switchable Molecular Materials research group led by Dr Azzedine Bousseksou and Dr Gabor Molnar. This group is located at the Laboratoire de Chimie de Coordination institute (LCC-CNRS), Toulouse (France).

The work they carried out together consisted on the measurement of spin crossover events in 2D and 3D materials using different analytical techniques, such as Raman Spectroscopy, Atomic Force Microscopy and magnetic field measurements (SQUID).

The “Molecular Physical Properties” group has been created in January 2003 and its name was changed to “Switchable Molecular Materials” in september 2006. The group conducts its research along four main lines

  • Bistable molecular compounds with switchable physical properties (magnetic, optical, electrical): physical measurements, theoretical approaches and applications. A special emphasis is placed on spin-crossover molecular materials.
  • Size reduction effects (nano-objects and thin films) on the physical properties of molecular materials. Development of optical technics for the detection of nanometric single objects. Construction of devices (memories, sensors, etc.).
  • Development of physical and spectroscopic measurements under high hydrostatic pressure (10 kbar), in intense pulsed magnetic field (60 Tesla), under light irradiation (UV-VIS-NIR), at low-temperatures (2 K) and their combinations.
  • Theoritical approach of equilibrium and dynamical properties of spin transition, introduction, analytical and numerical studies of new elastic models, spatio-temporal aspects analysis of nucleation and domain growth processes using Monte Carlos methods, finite size effects study on thermodynamical and critical properties of spin crossover materials… .

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