Nanosfun co-organize the MetDrugs Scientific Meeting


On October 30, 2017 Nanosfun group will organize the scientific meeting “MetDrugs: at the frontier between coordination chemistry and nanotechnology” under the umbrella of MetDrugs network. The principal aim of the networks is to develop potential drugs and diagnostic tools based on efficient metal-based systems. The main goal of MetDrugs is to share knowledge and competencies to develop innovative strategies, and applied them through cooperative projects. 

This scientific meeting was focused on the applications of nanotechnology and coordination complexes in biomedicine. This event met a group of experts in the design and development of new nanoconstructs for biomedical applications and coordination chemists who are focused in the synthesis and medical use of metal-drugs complexes.

The scientific committee of this event was formed by Dr. Fernando Novio / Dr. Daniel Ruiz-Molina (ICN2), and Dr. Mercé Capdevila / Dr. Oscar Palacios (UAB).

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