ICN2 SEMINARS – Dr Radosław Mrówczyński

Dr Radosław Mrówczyński, from NanoBioMedical Centre, Adam Mickiewicz University in Poznan, Poland was invited by Nanosfun group to present his research line focused on the versatility of polydopamine as biomimetic polymer whith advanced properties for applications in material chemistry, nanotechnology and biomedicine. Therefore this talk is focused on new routs towards functionalization of polydopamine coated surfaces, mostly magnetic nanoparticles and usage of polydopamine in synthesis multifunctional nanocarriers for brain and liver cancer. The latest research prove that polydopamine can be applied successfully in the synthesis of such materials, and show a lot of potential in the light of in vitro and in vivo performed studies. Besides the strong adhesive properties, biocompatibility and photothermal properties also possibility of facile functionalization of polydopamine is important.



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