HINT COST Action event organized by Nanosfun members: “Biomedical, Health and Bio-Related applications of Hybrid Materials”

On June 8-9, the ICN2 research center hold a scientific workshop on “Biomedical, Health and Bio-Related applications of Hybrid Materials”, coordinated by Dr.Fernando Novio (ICN2, Nanostructured Functional Materials Group) and Dr. Anna Laromaine (ICMAB-CSIC).

This workshop was aimed to promote exchanges between chemists, physicists, biologists and engineers on the most recent achievements in hybrid materials with bio-applications such as medicine, environment and health. The programe included invited lectures, oral contributions and posters.

Hybrid organic-inorganic (HOI) materials synthesized using soft inorganic chemistry allow a combination of organic and inorganic units at molecular/nanoscale level. These materials open access to a wide spectrum of multifunctionality not possible with traditional concepts of materials science.

The meeting was organized within the HINT (Rational Design of Hybrid Interfaces) Research Network, funded by the European COST program. This research network carries out detailed investigations on the design, control, and dynamics of HOI interfaces.

Asistants of the COST ACTION 1202 meeting at ICN2

Asistants of the COST ACTION

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